The Best Puzzle Games

Grid-based puzzle games are awesome, especially when they have interesting mechanics, elegant levels, and require a lot of thinking. They make you feel smart when finishing a tricky level (but you may also feel dumb for being stuck).

Make sure to try the best puzzle games listed below (for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android, etc.).

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A Monster's Expedition game screenshot

A Monster's Expedition

Push trees to create pathways between islands. Simple mechanics with hidden complexity.

must play

Baba is You game screenshot

Baba is You

Push blocks to bend the rules of the game. Extremely original, clever, and difficult.

must play extra hard

Can of Wormholes game screenshot

Can of Wormholes

Push, slice, ingest, flip, and squish worms. Every level introduces a new idea or interaction.

must play

Cargo-Bot game screenshot


Use simple instructions to teach a robot how to move crates. It's similar to programming.


Game About Squares game screenshot

Game About Squares

Click on the squares to slide them to the correct position.


Gridspech game screenshot


Discover the rules of the game by trial and error.


Jelly no Puzzle game screenshot

Jelly no Puzzle

Stick boxes of the same color together. Easy to understand but almost impossible to finish.

must play free extra hard

MagiCube game screenshot


Puzzle platformer where you can summon a cube. Retro graphics with very difficult levels.

extra hard

Make New Way game screenshot

Make New Way

Push a cube to make a path for yourself. Very well polished but quite short.


N Step Steve game screenshot

N Step Steve

Rescue kittens with a limited number of steps. Make sure to try part 1 and 2.


Paquerette Down the Bunburrows game screenshot

Paquerette Down the Bunburrows

Catch the rabbit in each level. A clever game about pathfinding.

Patrick's Parabox game screenshot

Patrick's Parabox

Boxes within boxes within boxes. Clever game mechanics.

Pultimush game screenshot


Push blocks with mysterious numbers on them. By the creator of Baba is You.


Snakebird game screenshot


Snake-like movement, but with birds and gravity.

Sokobrawn game screenshot


It's like Sokoban but you're really strong.


SquishCraft game screenshot


Push and squish blocks together. Strange graphics and mechanics that work well together.

Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga game screenshot

Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga

Puzzlescript game with candies that stick to each other. Cute pixel art with elegant levels.


SpaceChem game screenshot


Construct factories to transform raw materials into chemical products. Each level has many solutions that can be optimized.

must play

Stephen's Sausage Roll game screenshot

Stephen's Sausage Roll

Control a fork to cook sausage. Odd graphics and ridiculously difficult.

extra hard

The Sorcerer's Detritus game screenshot

The Sorcerer's Detritus

Puzzlescript game where you control a magician's hat.


Tres Undos game screenshot

Tres Undos

Short puzzle game about orienting yourself in time using undos.


Vertebrate game screenshot


A mouse and a dead snake embark upon a journey filled with difficult puzzles.

free extra hard

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